Attention: Social Entrepreneurs
We Know these are Troubling Times.... 

We Know the Future is Uncertain for many People....

So You Cannot Afford Not To Read This Letter....

The world has been rocked by a pandemic...but YOU don't have to be.
Get the tools you need to thrive in TODAY'S market.

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Never before in our lifetime, have we faced so many collective challenges.... 

Never before has the world needed social enterprise more .... 

So never before have we needed to pivot and adapt to the new norm....


As a result of global challenges, we're seeing people connecting in ways never seen before...

The internet has opened up the world from every angle...

With jobs and careers...the shift is happening there as well.

More people than ever are taking to the Internet to build and grow their own shops, info-product businesses, agencies, and connect with their customers..... and so must social entrepreneurs!

You have the opportunity, right What ever type of business you are in; local, national, international, fixed venue, online, physical products, services, B2B or general public.  Whoever you are serving; people or planet..... 

To pivot, adapt and start serving your community in a different way... 


As our world has been rocked by COVID-19…
That idea of RISING UP and creating momentum is key

As Social Entrepreneur's we solve problems...
We are needed now more than ever!


But HOW do you RISE when you are surrounded by chaos and uncertainty?

At ISE, we’ve come together to give you the tools and strategies to move forward when others are retreating…


Supporting Social Entrepreneurs to be the best they can be ..... To compete in the business world as an equal.....

To serve people at the highest level... Maximizing Your Impact and Income....

The Intrepid Social Entrepreneur community does everything we needed when we were first trying to grow and scale into a sustainable business. 

We are passionate about you getting results; Now More Than Ever!


Current Course Value is $997.  As work worldwide with many social enterprises the value is listed in Dollars. We are UK based. 


Your Host: Anna Roscoe

A social entrepreneur for over 15 years, I have worked with hundreds over social enterprises worldwide before founding Embers Aquatics.  After facing challenges, 3 years ago we started a significant pivot in our business. A pivot to achieve financial freedom, an automated business and service far more people than we ever imagined.

In 2019 we launched Intrepid Social Entrepreneur to teach others the same tools and strategies we used for success.  Then Covid hit, and those tools and strategies became more important than ever....!

Features of ISE University...

#1. How to adapt your business to thrive and grow in the new norm, no matter if you are a new start or experienced online, where you are, how big you are or industry you are in, without losing the true essence of your business. 

Your core aims and objectives are important to you and you may be afraid you will drift from your core focus with talk of pivoting and adapting. I was. When I set up my first social enterprise by myself, I wanted to teach children to swim in Africa. Next thing I am working on fitness classes to sell to wealthy Americans with their own swimming pool at home. What was I doing? I was solving two problems at once; solving the problems of people who needed guidance with exercise in the pool for either general fitness or pain relief and generating income to be able to teach children to swim in Africa. You can pivot and remain true to your core objectives.

If anything we are closer now than if we had been awarded a grant; funders would only fund us if we were meeting one of their core objectives. I could have built malaria of HIV education into the swimming problem just to get the money but that is not what we are about or where our expertise lie. We did not want to have mission drift, just to get our hands on some money which was going to run out after a fixed term anyway.

I bet you are thinking, that's ok, but I don't want to sell products to America or we are already active online or I have no idea where to even start pivoting. That's ok,this is for you.  We will walk you through all options to consider. Be inspired by others stories and get inspiration.


#2. How to transform your business online with having to hire, or be held hostage by a tech guy.

I am not technical, I am all self taught but yet I have managed to build an online presence for 6 different income streams ranging from an online shop to delivering online courses without hiring one single tech person.

The one time I did hire a company to build a fancy website for me; it ended up being hard to use, hard to edit and we ended up abandoning it. The stuff we have put together ourselves is far easier and we control it.

If you are thinking, yes but I do not have a clue where to start or we don't have the money right now to expand! Do not worry, the roadmap and solutions are there for you.


#3. How to find opportunities to meet customer's needs and increase income without the world's economy putting you out of business.  

 Some industries are shrinking, yes, but many others are emerging and growing. In our businesses, we have seen two sources on income increase during the lockdown; info products to teach baby swimming lessons and fitness classes in the water. Both are activities we used to deliver in a class format but we pivoted to deliver online and now demand has risen now people are stuck at home. We are now meeting the needs of far more people than just the face to face classes we were before.

I bet you are thinking that is nice but doesn't apply to you right? Businesses of any type, shape and size solve problems. Social Enterprises solve those problems more than others. In world is still full of problems with people searching for answers to them; they are just searching in a different way. Some industries will shrink, yes, but some will grow. Forbes estimated the knowledge based industry will have grown to 1$ Billion a day by 2025 and that was before Covid-19so it will only grow faster now. People more than ever need knowledge so there is the opportunity to deliver it. With some creativity, any business can pivot and adapt. 



What you should do NOW to RISE UP in every area of your business…


Courses in the ISE University are all FREE for active Social Entrepreneurs.
The world has changed so now is the time to change with it. 

Online Video Tutorials: Intrepid Social Entrepreneur® is constantly producing new training and content to help adapt, grow and scale your business even when we are facing uncertain times.  

Workbooks: Practical Workbooks to complete alongside the video tutorials to get you from A-B in your organisations next steps.  

Active Online Forum: The ISE Facebook group is a new group designed for anyone to join and support each other during these changing times.  

Success Journal: Journal for Business and Personal Development to help keep your focused. 


You will NOT recognize your business (or yourself) in one year... Due to Covid-19 that could be for the worse but if you join Intrepid Social Entrepreneur® it could be for the better....

We are tapping into the best entrepreneurs around the world and sharing what works from our own experience and others.... The ones who are pivoting and adapting.....

It'll be the best investment of time you've ever made... We cannot wait to work with you and see you get the results we have.... We thrive on your success!

See you on the inside!


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